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  Academic Writing in English


  Lorraine Mannion




  The ultimate goal of this seminar is to enable participants to publish in English  language academic journals. Through the review of other academic articles, interactive writing tasks, and feedback from the lecturer, the participants will upon completion of the seminar:

  • be able to write in English with increased confidence;
  • have improved in their understanding of academic articles;
  • have developed conventions needed for writing academic articles;
  • be able to identify gaps and “trouble spots” in their own English in the areas of grammar and cohesion;
  • be able to apply the appropriate style and register of academic English.






 In this course, participants - who may be working on scholarly papers, research or dissertation projects - will have the opportunity to strengthen their command of written English using published materials in their own disciplines.

  This seminar will focus on various components of scholarly writing, including style and language, argument structure, coherence, cohesion, grammar etc. using sample articles, abstracts and proposals. Participants are strongly advised to take along excerpts of personally written articles for discussion and analysis.


  9 November and 23 November 2012 (10-5pm)


  PhD students and university lecturers;
Participants should have had at least 5 years of English and
a minimum level of English B1 (CEF)

 TN min/max



  discussion, interactive pair- or group work


  • 09 November: 03/223
  • 23 Novmeber: 02/20



  Participants should send the course coordinator a 200-word abstract one week before the seminar, which will be corrected and evaluated.


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